Creating a simple “Brand Name Generator” using Python

Refining my skills with Python by making this project after being motivated by my mentor Bmwitcher .

Overview : Python is an open source programming language that was made to be easy-to-read and powerful. A Dutch programmer named Guido van Rossum made Python in 1991.

Python is an interpreted language. Interpreted languages do not need to be compiled to run. A program called an interpreter runs Python code on almost any kind of computer. This means that a programmer can change the code and quickly see the results.

First Method:-

Lets get started by using Python online compilers like :

  1. is a platform that provides different in-browser IDEs that support around 50+ programming languages to code. (my preference)

2. Tutorialspoint provides 75+ online-based interpreters and compilers for different programming languages.

3. Python’s official website has an online interactive Python shell that is provided by PythonAnyWhere. We can execute the Python code in the interactive shell.

Second Method:-

Using MS Windows?, please follow instructions below to get Python running:

1 Install Chocolatey

2 Install Python

Lets get started with our project :-

#1. How to Create a greeting for your program.
print("Welcome to the Brand Name Generator.")
#2. Asking the user type of business they want name for.
business_type = input("What's type of business you own?\n")
#3. Asking the user for the name of a pet.
pet_name = input("What's your pet's name\n")
#4. Combine the type of business,pet name and show them their brand name.
print("Your brand name could be " + " " + pet_name + " " + business_type)
#5. Make sure the input cursor shows on a new line, see the example at:


PS D:\> py.exe -i D:\Python\
Welcome to the Brand Name Generator.
What’s type of business you own?
IT Solutions
What’s your pet’s name
Your brand name could be Sammy IT Solutions

Yep! Its that easy, Try your own!

  1. Number can’t be used in front of a variable and _ should be used in between words, 1variable is not allowed & variable1 is allowed rather.
  2. To start a new line by using \n
  3. I used double quotes twice to give space between pet_name & business_type
  4. To combine variables with printouts :
print("Your brand name could be"+ " " + pet_name + " " + business_type)

5. Create variable as below

business_type = input("What's type of business you own?\n")

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